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Pipe Jacking

Pipe Jacking

Various mechanical excavation systems, akin to those in other tunneling methods, offer shields, excavation, and face support for diverse ground conditions. Construction precision matches typical tunneling standards. Pipe jacking minimizes overbreak compared to segmental tunnels, providing robust ground support and reducing ground movement. 

Tank Jacks

Simplex Tank Jack

Simplex tank jacks are specialized equipment used in various industries, particularly in construction, maintenance, and repair projects involving large tanks or vessels. These jacks are designed to provide support and stability for lifting, positioning, and securing heavy cylindrical structures such as tanks, silos, and vessels.Overall, simplex tank jacks play a crucial role in the construction […]

Battery Pumps


WB Equipment offers a large selection of Enerpac Pumps & Simplex hydraulic pump platforms, valve styles, reservoir sizes, accessories & controls to meet your everyday needs. Hand Pumps, Air Pumps, Gas Pumps & Torque Wrench Pumps. Cordless Battery Pumps, Electric Pumps, , Controlled Lifting Pumps, Torque Wrench Pumps, Tensioner Pumps, Post Tensioning Pumps, Workholding Pumps, […]

Bottle Jacks

Enerpac Jacks

Hydraulic Bottle Jacks built to last. Simple, portable tools for lifting applications and tight fits. Enerpac hydraulic cylinders, jacks and rams are available for sale in hundreds of different configurations. Our extensive range of single and double-acting cylinders include general purpose models, high-tonnage, hollow, lightweight, pulling, locknut, production, telescopic, and climbing jacks.


Enerpac Pull Cylinders

Pull Hydraulic Cylinders Hydraulic Pull Cylinders are ideal for cable and bar tensioning and other pulling applications. These single-acting spring return cylinders include features such as plunger blow-out protection, a hard chrome-plated plunger, and a baked enamel finish for corrosion resistance. Enerpac Pull Cylinders for sale are rated for 10,000 psi (700 bar) and fully […]


Enerpac Cylinders General Purpose

Enerpac RD-Series Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinders deliver high-precision and high-cycle performance for production applications. RD-Series Production Cylinders are designed with a unique set of mounting configurations that simplify attaching to a fixture. Mounting options include collar, base and plunger threads, and optional attachments include foot mounts, flange mounts, retainer nuts and clevis eyes. The double-acting operation […]

Hollow Plunger


Hollow plunger hydraulic cylinders (also known as center-hole cylinders) provide a versatile solution for tensioning, testing, pulling and lifting. A hydraulic cylinder with a hollow plunger allows for both pull and push forces. Choose between single-acting and double-acting models, and cylinder bodies constructed in either high-alloy steel or anodized aluminum. Enerpac Hollow Cylinders available for […]

High Tonnage

Enerpac Cylinders High Tonnage

Enerpac high tonnage hydraulic cylinders, jacks and rams provide the reassurance and durability you can rely on. These cylinders are designed with special features such as low-wear, high pressure seals, replaceable composite plunger support bearings, and a nitrocarburized finish to deliver exceptional safety and durability. Enerpac High Tonnage Cylinders are ideal for multi-point lifting, applications […]

Manual Pumps

Manual Pump

The Enerpac range of manual pumps includes high-pressure, 10,000 psi (700 bar) hydraulic hand pumps that are portable, durable and simple to use. Our pumps are also equipped with safety features to provide dependable performance, while maintaining worker safety. With the most complete line of high-pressure hydraulic pumps available for sale in the world, you […]

Low Height

Enerpac Cylinders Low Height

Low height hydraulic cylinders (also known as a hydraulic pancake jack) feature a compact, low-profile design and maximum power to height ratio for applications in confined spaces where other cylinders will not fit. CUSP, CULP and LPL low profile cylinders are finished with a tough Nitrocarburized coating for enhanced corrosion protection.   Enerpac Low Profile […]

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