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Wheeled Machine Skates

Low profile for minimized installation height



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MLS-Series Wheeled Machine Skates

Stability and versatility for all heavy machinery moves

The Enerpac MLS-Series Wheeled Machine Skates offer a cost-effective option for moving heavy machines and equipment in restricted spaces. Available in three versions to meet specific moving requirements, the range includes MLSR Rotational Skates, MLSF Steerable Skates and MLSD Dual Trailing Rear Skates. Sets are also available that include the MLSF and MLSD skates.

MLS Series Wheeled Machine Skates

With a low profile for minimized installation height, the MLS-Series Machine Skates are the ideal companion to Enerpac heavy lifting equipment for heavy machinery moves, where the smooth and precise movement of equipment is a priority.

With a range of load capacities, wheel types and connecting bars, Enerpac Wheeled Machine Skates are the versatile choice for economical machine and heavy equipment moving.

Speed and stability

The precision, smooth operating and robust bearings of the MLS-Series Machine Skates provide low rolling resistance for precise positioning of the load, together with superior durability for long service life. The wide load areas of the skates accommodate and protect the most demanding of loads and floor types.

MLSR Machine Skates provide 360-degree rotational movement for even greater control in restricted spaces.

Enerpac safety as standard

The standard durable polyurethane wheels provide optimum stability for the safe movement of heavy loads and offer protection for finished floor surfaces; optional nylon wheels are available for increased wear resistance, prevention of “setting” under static loads, and increased load capacity. The low rolling resistance of the skates, combined with design-optimized weight for ergonomic handling ensures operator ease of use.

MLS-Series Wheeled Machine Skates

  • Low profile for minimized installation height
  • Rugged and reliable bearings for low rolling resistance and durability
  • Standard durable polyurethane wheels for stability and damage prevention to finished floors
  • Available in a wide range of load capacities from 3 to 35 tons
  • Set load capacities available from 6 to 70 tons
  • Easy to rotate turntable on MLSF models for enhanced maneuverability
  • MLSR models include 360-degree directional movement for load positioning flexibility in confined spaces
  • Configurable with towable or manual connecting bars and handles, depending upon model
  • Optional nylon wheel kit for better wear resistance and increased load capacity
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